Puppy Buying & Puppy Waiting List Information.


I breed very selectively for the sole purpose to produce my next generation of show dogs. I breed strictly for health, conformation and pedigree. My puppies are sold primarily as pets and companions for life. I occasionally have puppies and retired girls available to select forever loving home. I only breed from healthy, good quality with excellent sound temperaments dogs. All these qualities are of equal importance and my aim is to produce healthy well adjusted puppies, that are capable of becoming excellent companion dogs, that will bring a lifetime of pleasure, loyalty, and affection, when placed in the right homes, with the right people.

The decision to have a dog as a pet has long term consequences and should not be taken lightly. A dog lives more than ten years on average and therefore you should aim to choose a dog whose specific requirements and needs (e.g. exercise, training, grooming etc), you will be able to meet, but you must also be willing to learn to live with them. Owning a puppy is very time consuming. They need attention and affection every day. Puppies and older dogs need company they cannot be left on their own all day while their owners are at work, I don't let my puppies go to anyone working full time. Puppies need to have time spent training and socialising them, if you have young children please consider whether you will have the time to commit to a puppy, I do not recommend to get a new puppy if you have children under seven years old.

Initially you can express an interest in one of my puppies by email. Once the litter's born, I will then email all parties to see if they are still interested. The subsequent reservation and or sale of the puppy is decided after personal interview and meeting my criteria as a prospective 'parent' for one of my puppies. I always reserve the right to refuse to home or supply a puppy to what I may consider to be an 'unsuitable home or unsuitable owner' for what ever reasons. I always put the welfare of my puppies first.

Viewings for the puppies will be between 5 and 6 weeks, this is to safeguard the puppies at a young age from possible infection. You will receive weekly updates about the puppy's progress. Pictures and video will be available from the time they are born and regular updates will be posted on the website. When puppies reach 5-6 weeks old you will be invited to visit our home to meet the puppies with their Dam, whilst you are here it will enable us to meet you and your family to assess your suitability for one of my puppies.


All my puppies come with the following:

- Kennel Club Registration Certificate

- Puppy Sale Contract

- Vaccination Certificate

- Fully health checked

- Microchipped

- First Vaccination

- Regularly wormed up to date

- 4 weeks free insurance with Pet Plan

- Free bag of Royal Canin puppy food.

- Written advice on feeding and worming programme and written records of immunisation.

- Puppy collar, lead, blanket, toys etc..

- Lifetime help and support.


Please note: To protect my puppies, and the future of the breed due to unscrupulous puppy farm breeders all my puppies will have Kennel Club Registration Certificate endorsed "not for breeding". My puppies with show potential sold to show breeders will not have Kennel Club endorsement, as they will have the knowledge of the breed and would put the work to breed a healthy litter.

I do occasionally have adult girls looking for new homes so if you're looking for an older dog rather than a puppy and would prefer not to take on a rescue then please get in touch and I will try to help.


If you would like to be added to puppy waiting list please send me an email, when contacting please introduce yourself and write about your home life, your working arrangements, any children you may have or planning in the near future, your understanding of the Bulldog breed & what sort of life you can offer one of my puppies. Single line enquiries will not receive a reply, if you can't make the effort to introduce yourself then a Britishus puppy really isn't the dog for you. It is always better to contact me by e-mail in the first instance but please be aware that I am always busy with the dogs and I do receive a lot of e-mails so it may take me a while to reply. Serious enquiries only please.




With enquiries contact: britishusbulldogs@gmail.com | Mob.no: 07902815508 |+ 0044 7902815508