London Bulldog Club Open Show 12.10.2015
BRITISHUS MARCHESA - Novice bitch class - 4th.
Judge: Mr B Blackgrove (Britishicon)
South of England Bulldog Society Open Show 21.09.2015
BRITISHUS MARCHESA - Maiden bitch - 2nd.
Judge: Mr C Marlow (Cathabull)
Bournemouth Championship Show 08.08.2015
BRITISHUS GUINEVERE - Yearling class - 4th.
Judge: Mr Chris Thomas (Kingrock)
Windsor Championship Show 02.07.2015
BRITISHUS MARCHESA - Yearling class - 2nd
Judge: Mr Rob Harris (Nobozz)
Plymouth , Devon & Cornwall Bulldog Club Championship Show 03.05.2015
BRITISHUS GUINEVERE - Novice class - 2nd. (4 entries)
Judge: Mrs Ann Van Den Heuvel (Beefeaterbulls)
Photo copyright Paula Knight
Bath & Western Bulldog Club Championship Show 04.04.2015
BRITISHUS GUINEVERE - Junior class - 2nd. (8 entries)
CRUFTS 2016 Qualified
Judge: Mrs S Saxon (Bagibelly)
Judge critique: 2nd Walker's Britishus Guinevere Standard sized brindle bitch with balanced feminine head. Clear dark expressive eyes giving pleasing expression. Correct layback and turnup of underjaw. Fine well placed ears. Straight front, good shoulder placement, and spring of rib. Kept topline on the move. Moved very well.

Photos copyright by Bath & Western Bulldog Club